Greenskies Energizes 323 kW Solar Array at Whelen Engineering

Solar project online at Chester manufacturing company

Middletown, CT (May 15, 2018) – Greenskies Renewable Energy LLC (“Greenskies”), a Clean Focus Company, completed the installation of a rooftop solar array at Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. in Chester, Connecticut comprised of 1,026 solar photovoltaic panels. This project will provide clean, renewable energy for the company.

The completed solar array went online March 1, 2018. Greenskies will maintain and operate the solar arrays as part of its large portfolio of commercial, industrial, small utility, and community solar projects. Whelen Engineering will own the solar array, and Greenskies will ensure the highest levels of production over the life of the project.

Founded in 1952, Whelen Engineering designs and manufactures audio and visual warning equipment for the automotive, aviation, and mass-notification industries worldwide. Whelen provides safety lighting for police, fire, EMS, and transportation professionals as well as many other industries. With facilities in Chester, Connecticut and Charlestown, New Hampshire, Whelen installed the solar array in Chester to garner a portion of its electrical consumption from a clean source of energy.

“We wanted to implement our goals of clean energy in a practical way at Whelen Engineering,” stated George Whelen, President and CEO of Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. “Greenskies provided us with the information we were looking for on installing and maintaining solar and also the benefits of solar. We are excited this new solar array will allow 20% of our electricity consumption to come from clean, renewable energy.”

The rooftop solar array at Whelen is expected to produce 364,640 kWh of clean energy annually, which could power 29 homes and offset the environmental impact of 30,536 gallons of gasoline or nearly 58 cars each year.

“Greenskies is pleased to work with Whelen Engineering, in nearby Chester, to achieve its sustainability goals,” stated Stanley Chin, President and CEO of Greenskies and Clean Focus group. “The solar array at Whelen Engineering provides multiple benefits to the company, including owning the solar array on its property. This project continues our long history of building and maintaining commercial solar projects. We look forward to a long relationship with Whelen over the lifetime of the project.”